Rubin Museum of Art
New York, NY
The Rubin Museum of Art is a dynamic environment that stimulates learning, promotes understanding, and inspires personal connections to the ideas, cultures, and art of Himalayan regions. The Museum presents an array of regular thematic series, from dialogues on mind science to screenings of world cinema classics to art-making workshops for families.  
Deepak HomeBase at ABC Carpet & Home
Located in the heart of ABC Carpet & Home, Deepak HomeBase creates a critical mass where together we can create a peaceful, just, sustainable, healthy, and happy world. Deepak HomeBase is both a physical and a virtual salon; a vital, living, interactive, experiential platform; a multi media expanded classroom and a curated conversation. Hosted by visionary futurist Deepak Chopra, with the iconic characters and...
Three Jewels
Three Jewels interweaves the ancient practices of Yoga and Buddhism for mind and body in one studio to bring each student to the highest end result: enlightenment. The studio offers a complete path to enlightenment through an integrated practice of yoga, meditation, and Buddhist philosophy.
The Assemblage
The Assemblage provides coworking, coliving, social spaces and natural environments in New York City to those exploring the evolution of humanity through positive impact. Welcome to the age of assembly.
The Alchemist’s Kitchen
The Alchemist’s Kitchen celebrates the power of plants for conscious living and transformation, bringing you the finest whole plant remedies, botanical medicines and beauty products from around the world. We love nature, are passionate about wellness, and are excited to share stories of artisanship, ancient healing practices and the science behind them through our online content and program of seasonal events....
Ecstatic Dance NYC
A community gathering for people who LOVE to dance. No Booze. No Shoes. No Chit-Chat. A few guidelines to keep the dance floor safe and the good vibes flowing freely. An amazing dance floor. Great DJ’s. Proper sound system and PLENTY of room for you to move however you wish. Bevs and nibbles, chill space...
Awakening NY
Our MISSION at Awakening NY Healing Center is to bring health and wellbeing to you as a radiant manifestation of balance in body, mind and spirit. Our treatments provide nourishment for you as a whole. You are perfect. We are simply here to remind you how to find this perfection within yourself. Please join us to learn how to...
Woom Center
WOOM CENTER is the holistic lovechild of east and west, tradition and innovation, the personal and the communal. Seamlessly blending ancient practices of yoga and meditation, a futuristic flavor for technology, and a deep desire to stay present. WOOM is inspired by many philosophies, yet follows no particular one. It is nondenominational, unbiased and fear-free....
Maha Rose
Maha Rose is New York’s center for healing, inspiration, creativity, and transformation. We offer holistic healing sessions, workshops, and trainings to nourish the body, mind, and spirit. Maha Rose North, our retreat center, is nestled in the foothills of the Catskills. We invite you to reconnect with nature, expand your knowledge of a chosen field, foster...