How to Make Your Next Meditation Easier

Ever had a rough meditation? You’re not alone. Whether it’s the chore of actually making time do it, the challenging thoughts that arise, or the minutes ticking by slowly, we’ve all had sittings that feel more like work than rest.

Here’s a tip for bringing ease to your practice:

The next time you consider meditating, simply change one word in your mind.

Rather than thinking, “I need to do my meditation now,” replace the word “do” with “have.”

“I’m going to have a meditation now.” Ahhh, doesn’t that sound easier?

The words we use have a significant effect on our perspective. A slight change in vocabulary does wonders for our mindset and, therefore, our experience.

Think about it: We do our taxes, but we have dessert. We don’t do a good time, we have a good time. So rather than doing a meditation, simply sit back and have one. After all, you should never be expected to do anything with your eyes closed!

We already have enough on our to-do lists; meditation should be something to enjoy rather than something to do. In fact, having an easy and enjoyable meditation leaves us feeling energized enough to take effective action when our eyes are open.

Ease is not found by taking action, but by allowing an experience to be had. When it comes to meditation, we want to be as passive as possible. The less pressure we feel to “do” something, the less resistant we are and the easier it feels. When we have the attitude of letting meditation take us for a ride and being open to whatever happens, everything flows frictionlessly.

I’ve kept this post short so you can use the extra time to have a meditation if you’re feeling inspired. Whether or not you choose to close your eyes, we wish you lots of ease and enjoyment in the rest of your day. Happy meditating!

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