Unraveling Human Creativity with Gorka Bartolomé

This workshop is a journey towards a reunion with one of the most important gifts of human beings. Creativity. Creativity not only understood as the ability to make music, paint, dance, but as the ability to know how to solve problems and discover new ways to evolve and improve our quality of life.

Currently as human beings we are at an important crossroad and that requires immediate attention if we want to be successful in our evolution. On the one hand, we are in an increasingly changing and challenging environment. On the other hand, technology and social customs lead us to a diminishing use of our brain capacities. If we do not respond to this situation, we will soon find ourselves in a position of helplessness in order to face the difficulties and problems of our future.

During a day workshop you will be taken on a tour on the world of creativity where you will learn:
– The essence of creativity.
– How creativity can improve enormously your life.
– The neuroscience of creativity.
– A model and techniques to develop your creativity.
– How to create the conditions to be creative again and improve your life and that of those around you.

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