The Art & Science of Human Connection

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The Art & Science of Human Connection: The Evolution of Thought and How it Will Affect our Future

an Evening with Thom Bond & Sister Jenna

Through storytelling, practical exercises, and conscious conversation, we’ll learn skills to create a more compassionate life, in celebration of Thom’s new offering, The Compassion Book.

Thom Bond is an author, activist and founder of the NYCNVC (Center for Nonviolent Communication). He’s created an innovative approach to peacemaking and mediation and author of The Compassion Book. His teachings are spreading throughout the world, bringing new hope to people in search of a practical path to a more peaceful and sustainable existence, both personally & professionally.

Sister Jenna is a spiritual mentor, author, radio personality, renowned speaker and founder of the Meditation Museum in MD and VA. she hosts the popular globally-broadcast America Meditating Radio Show.


For anyone who wants more compassion in their life and in our world, The Compassion Book has over 300 pages of concepts, stories, and exercises that provide a “how to” for creating more connection and understanding among us. an invaluable handbook that offers practices and specific ways of thinking, speaking, and acting to help us to experience more compassion, understanding, and harmony in our daily lives.

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