The Alchemist’s Kitchen Presents: Super Blood Wolf Moon Divinations

Full Moons are a time to let go and release anything that no longer serves us. They’re a moment of culmination and fruition, particularly around relationships. Here, the Moon reaches maximum brightness—falling directly opposite the Sun. She exposes the night, tapping us into magic, hidden dimensions, and our unconscious minds. A Lunar Eclipse is an exaggerated Full Moon. It can draw issues to the surface that have been long-brewing, bringing final endings and revealing our shadow selves or uncomfortable truths about others. Memories and dreams may surface, eliciting our deepest emotions.


This Leo Lunar Eclipse is the last eclipse along the Leo-Aquarius axis, ending an eighteen month cycle of exploring how we can bring our gifts to the world for the benefit of all. How can we balance our pleasure and joy with our service to the collective well-being? How can we better open our hearts and inspire others to do the same? With Uranus forming a square with the Moon and Mercury, the planets are jolting us into the next phase. We’re confronted with the question of whether or not our lives are aligned with our authentic hearts. We’re being spurred to find balance between friendship and romance, our personal lives and humanity at large.
– Juliana McCarthy of Ethereal Culture
(taken from Juliana’s Astro-Herbal Calendar: Winter 2019)
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