September 20: S U N S E T S Soul Salon at the Assemblage John Street

We enthusiastically invite you to partake in a mystical magical carpet ride with sonic bliss master Elijah Ray, New Era narrator, author and philosopher Charles Eisenstein, and soul-stirring songstress Jess Magic, as they harmonize their heARTs and celebrate an evening of music, story-telling and sounds of a New Earth.
Step into a new genre of musical dialogue where music and story-telling are used as tools to commune with the heart and ignite the spirit of local communities, while offering a completely one-of-a-kind experience that inspires feelings of fulfillment, freedom, and intimacy and nourishes our desire for meaningful social interaction, authentic connection and uninhibited expression.
An intimate space for connection, community and curated conversation as you cross-pollinate your unique and beautiful Self with some of the city’s most inspiring visionary-leaders, change-makers, creative spirits, free-thinkers, lovers and heARTists.
We invite local and international heARTists (artists who create from the frequency of love) to join in and weave together an evening of alchemy where no one, including the hosts, knows exactly what is going to unfold.
Combining original content + improvisational magic from featured beatboxers, poets, instrumentalists, authors, and/or philosophers + a musical dialogue that integrates the live audience + core themes that help break down the barrier between the artist and the audience + sound-healing; we encourage everyone involved to dance, sing, connect and receive themselves as part of the creative process.
This evening is a gift for us all as we share codes that can help us emerge as an integral component of a thriving eco-system in our own lives, in our communities, and with the planet, as well as an invitation, to not just “stop by”, but to show up personally and as a collective of incredible people who are all-in for this
journey called life!
This special edition of S U N S E T S is FREE!
Meet you in the clouds.
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About the Artist
More than a singer, Jess Magic is a musical story-teller who creates compelling invitations for people to interact with life from an open heart. In a world where so many are longing for deeper levels of connection, authentic expression and intimacy, Jess weaves a “spell” of love with each song and each story to reveal aspects of the human experience that penetrate, and crack open the hearts of those who are touched by her presence.
As an emcee (a.k.a. “Mistress of Ceremonies”), a speaker and a social entrepreneur, Jess Magic uses her voice as a vehicle to shift predominant attitudes, feelings and behaviors from “consumer” to “creator” by breaking down the barrier between the artist and the audience and giving people permission to be raw, real, and to rise into their own forms of expression and heARTistry.
Event Details
  • Start Date
    September 20, 2018 6:00 pm
  • End Date
    September 20, 2018 9:30 pm
  • Location
  • Venue
  • Category
  • Address
    The Assemblage John Street 17 John Street, New York, New York 10038