Reclaim the Power of You

What does it mean to take responsibility for your healing? To understand and be confident that we each have our own unique healing journey. Learn to become a part of the inner dialogue and part of the decision. HEAL our relationship with ourselves as a means to all healing, by using the body and mind as a way back into your HEART. Together, we will BREATHE, MEDITATE, MOVE and RELEASE. By attending this workshop, you will experience a combination of Buddhist informed practices for a heart based and proactive practice.
  • Movement to release physical and emotional tension stored in the body for you to better rely on yourself
  • Breathwork to balance the nervous system and boost emotional intelligence
  • Meditation and Mindfulness techniques to set yourself free of limiting beliefs as you reclaim your power
  • Vocal Release to exercise courage to speak your truth and become your own bff
  • Learn how to befriend your emotions and tap into your greatest resource of forgiveness and compassion
This is internal upkeep that will take you deeper. This is a purification and empowerment workshop.
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