On Being a Woman

To identify the feminine essence in oneself, and proceed to refine, cultivate and direct its power takes deep attunement and discipline. The truth is, many of us remain unaware of our groundwater, the inexhaustible wellspring of creativity, power and grace. We run through life, internalizing patriarchal values, deprived of joy and sensuality, far removed from the wisdom that lies beneath our conditioned behavior. 
NY can be a challenging place to blossom as a full woman, with its fast and competitive feel, void of nature, designed to reward and perpetuate the race to disillusionment. 
In environments like these, it’s easy to revert back to the habitual response of struggle and disconnect, motivated by fear. Over time, this mindset impacts our relationships, our work, health and how we relate to ourselves. Depleted of our power and far removed from our wisdom, we resort to blaming external factors for our lack of fulfillment. Breaking this vicious cycle requires a radical shift in perception, followed by intelligent action. To reclaim the feminine essence and to create reality, we must begin by facing reality. 
Join us as we embark on a journey into the depths of feminine waters, stir-up the understructure of our habitual perception, tame disturbing emotions and become skilled at cultivating, refining and directing our mental energy with uncompromising integrity. By learning the art of ‘watering ourselves’, we begin a dissolution process, gradually removing the dry and hardened layers that obscure the feminine essence. We finally arrive at groundwater. This fluid and expansive state of wisdom, play and sensuality, is the state from which we can re-invent ourselves, and our relationships with love and work.
The training will blend Buddhist philosophy + practice, as well as relevant insights from neuroscience, psychology and quantum physics, with feminine wisdom teachings and embodiment practices from the rich Indo-Tibetan tradition. Persian dance, Taoist Yin practices and urban experiments will integrate the teachings on a somatic level.
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