Mni Wiconi: The (Meta)Physics of Water at the Alchemist Kitchen

with James Sharcot of Belifewater

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Water is Life.” But what does that exactly mean?

99.9% of the parts of your body is structured Water, making it the most vital substance for health and vitality. Are you providing your body with the best?

Whether it’s from your Water store, bottled, or from the tap, most Water is filtered under high pressure, treated with chemicals and UV light, and then travels long distances using straight pipes, the opposite from Nature.

In this workshop, we’ll be learning about the physics and meta-physics of Water, and understand what kind of Water our bodies use. We’ll close with a Water blessing ceremony, taste-test different water samples (bring your favorite water/bottle), and become more integrated with our most precious resource.

$20 advance
$25 at the door

tickets are non-refundable

All proceeds collected for this workshop will be donated to the Legal Fund of L’eau Est La Vie – No Bayou Bridge, an activist organization setting up camps to stop Energy Transfer Partners (the same company of the DAPL) from building the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.

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