Effortless Decision Making

When it comes to making difficult decisions, do you secretly wish you had a crystal ball that could tell you what’s best? Do your feelings confuse you or guide you? Do you listen to your gut? Do you just pick and plow ahead no matter the cost? And what about your intuition? In this engaging workshop, learn different ways of making effortless decisions from utilizing two different perspectives: Human Design, a system combining modern science and ancient wisdom, and Tibetan Buddhist meditations. Human Design consultant Erin Claire will introduce the four types of the HD system – reflector, manifestor, projector, generator – and you will learn how you are uniquely designed to make decisions and communicate, making it easier to flow and materialize what you truly want in life with every decision you make. MNDFL teacher Justin Taylor will lead mindful practices and meditations for each type that you can apply to all decisions in your life, big and small, even the toughest kinds.
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