Eat to Love, A Conversation on Transforming Your Relationship with Food

Eat to Love, A Conversation on Transforming Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Life with Jenna Hollenstein and Emme in Celebration of Jenna’s new book, Eat to Love
Join body-positive Supermodel Emme and non-diet dietitian Jenna Hollenstein for a conversation about food, body, and life. Hear their personal journeys of overcoming disordered eating and negative body image and why now it is more important than ever to make peace with your body. And how Buddhist philosophy, meditation, and a spiritual path are the tools that make this possible.
Jenna Hollenstein, MS, RDN, CDN,
A non-diet dietitian who helps people struggling with chronic dieting, disordered eating, and eating disorders. She uses a combination of Intuitive Eating, mindfulness techniques, and meditation to help her clients move toward greater peace, health, and wellness. Jenna’s private practice is located in New York City where she consults with clients in person and virtually. Jenna is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and a Certified
Dietitian Nutritionist
(CDN) in New York State. She has a Bachelors degree in Nutrition from Penn State, a Masters degree in Nutrition from Tufts University,is a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and an Open Heart Project meditation guide. In 2018, Jenna joined the board of The Center for Mindful Eating. Jenna teaches at mindfulness retreats in the United States and France. She has been featured in HealthU.S News & Report, MindfulVogueElleGlamour and Fox News. Jenna is the author of Understanding Dietary Supplements, a handy guide to the evaluation and use of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and botanicals for both consumers and clinicians, and the memoir Drinking to Distraction. Her third book, Eat to Love: A Mindful Guide to Transforming your Relationship with Food, Body, and Life, will be released in January, 2019.
For over two decades as a leading voice and face in the fashion industry, Emme is the iconic and world-renowned supermodel. With the conviction that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, Emme has paved the way and given women a voice to feel beautiful and empowered. A TV personality, brand spokesperson, model, consultant, author, creative director of her EMME®, mebyEMME®, and TrueBeautybyEMME® clothing lines, cancer survivor, lecturer, former Revlon spokeswoman and globally recognized women’s advocate for positive body image and selfesteem,Emme’s message is clear – to awaken the inner magnificence inherent in each of us, to be whole. She is the first model invited to speak before a Congressional subcommittee in Washington, D.C. with a mission to increase public awareness of eating and body image disorders and is the founder of Fashion Without Limits: Changing The Face of Fashion, in it’s 5th year with partner Syracuse University – a first of it’s kind – an inclusive fashion design initiative, teaching future fashion designers how to design for all women size 0-24+.
Emme has authored five books, “True Beauty”, “Life’s Little Emergencies”, co-author of Morning Has Broken and co-author of her children’s book “What Are You Hungry For?” And in 2017 co-authored with Natasha Stoynoff and Amy Newmark “Chicken Soup For The Soul Curvy and Confident: 101 Stories of Loving Yourself and Your Body”.
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