Cosmic Reboot Breathwork

Come heal and connect with Breathwork. If you’ve been stuck, or just craving a little more spark in your heart, this group is for you. Luke will lead the group in an evening of healing through meditation, breathwork, deep relaxation and support.

We will open with a short grounding meditation and check in before you lay down and do the active meditation technique of breathwork. This is a great way to quiet the mind because you have something to focus on, the breath pattern. It can be cathartic, emotional, a release, heart opening, so many things. We close with a period of deep relaxation, stillness and silence to calm your nervous system and allow you to reboot, rejuvenate, and fill up on Love.

Aromatherapy essential oil blends, intuitive touch, a groovy soundtrack and positive affirmations will guide your journey.

Come ready to Breath until your surprised.

Exchange: $40 

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