Boundaries for Women

Many women feel a call or obligation to give to, care for, love, heal, and fix other people & situations around them. But what happens when we give too much of ourselves and our divine feminine essence? What happens when we can’t say “no”?
Join Sarah Rayne for this workshop for women to discover where your own boundaries lie, learn practical tools for strengthening them, and engage in fun and empowering group exercises to become familiar with embodying your most powerful goddess self!
This workshop will include:
Guided meditation to connect with your inner truth.
Tips for how to physically, verbally, and energetically communicate & enforce your personal boundaries.
Fun group exercises to practice communicating boundaries and saying NO! Recommendations for herbs you can work with to strengthen boundaries, provided by herbalist Micaela Foley. Tips on energetic protection and energy conservation.
Historically, a lot has been taken from women, in large part because we have been taught by the patriarchy that it is our role to give, surrender, and be subservient. That time is over. The awesome power of the feminine is re-emerging, and there is no time like the present to band together, empower our sisters, and reconnect to the resilience, strength, and grace that is the true nature of being a woman. Join us ♥
This workshop is open to all those who identify as women.
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