Creating a Space for Wellness in your home: Posture & Movement

By Dr. Joseph Caraccilo from SPAce for Wellness

Posture & Movement 

Working from home may be the thing to do for the collective wellbeing of the population, but it’s definitely not the best thing for your body… especially when working from your bed or a makeshift desk.

Incorporating biomechanically correct posture techniques & movement into your WFH routine will significantly decrease the likelihood of back and neck pain.

3 Simple WFH Tips

Get up and move around every 30 minutes
The best position is the next position. Lack of movement causes your blood to remain in your feet and lower legs, causing your body’s circulation to slow down. Getting up and going for a quick walk will not only help your body it will also improve concentration with improved flow of oxygen to the brain….that next big idea is right around the corner.

Sit with your hips higher than your knees
If you sit with your hips lower than your knees, this will reverse your natural spinal curves and put stress on your back musculature. Sitting with your hips higher than your knees rotates the pelvis forward –
restoring normal curves in your spine and relaxing spinal muscles.

How to fix it:  Sit on the edge of your chair or put something underneath your bottom as you sit. A few towels work well.

Do not cross your legs
When you sit with crossed legs, you create an uneven and less stable base for your pelvis and spine
which contract the muscles attaching to your sacroiliac joint causing pain and inflammation.

How to fix it:  Sit with your feet flat on the floor. This provides your body with the support it needs and prevents the uneven pulling of the muscles when the legs are crossed.

*Pro Tip*  
Start your day with a salute to the sun
Sun salutation, the yoga asana that traditionally starts off your practice, originated as a way to greet the sun, heat the body, and connect with the soul.  This is the perfect way to start your day and get the blood flowing while we are spending so much time sitting and working from home.

Start with our instructional video by yoga instructor, Christina Ionno.

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