Our mission is to showcase venues and events that value mindfulness and promote well-being and personal growth. We offer Information about the gathering spaces, courses and events with colorful energy to inspire everyone to live authentically. Meditation, nutrition, mindful movement, stimulating speakers, and healing workshops are the foundation of our platform. We believe a consistent practice of mindful living contributes to a healthier, more positive life pattern in the form of:

  • stress reduction
  • improved immune system
  • creativity boost
  • clearheaded decision making
  • increased productivity
  • increased energy levels
  • better sleep patterns
  • building loving relationships

Spiritual growth is a lifelong process and from time to time we all need encouragement. Being a part of a community centered around consciously intentional events is a fun and effective way to bring mindfulness to our daily lives. Socializing is all too often associated with alcohol, and in our era it has become digital and less interpersonal. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Soul Collective, we encourage you to reboot your experience of NYC and rediscover your city through the consciously intentional activities, where you’ll meet helpful, well-intentioned, mindful individuals who are dedicated to positive growth in all areas of life.